Single Serve, Premium Cookie Dough You Need In Your Freezer

Have you ever looked at a social media post or your favorite bakery’s selection and saw a cookie that looked SO INCREDIBLY GOOD that you wanted to have it the second you laid eyes on it? This is me every single day, I’m in a constant state of craving a cookie. Doesn’t matter the time of day or if I just ate, anytime is the perfect time for a cookie, but whipping up a fresh batch of dough every time you get a sweet craving? Nobody has time for that.


And let me tell you, this is a problem worth solving and is exactly why I started BAKR. When I tell you there were ZERO ready to bake, premium cookie doughs on the market when I came up with the idea, the best dough you could buy online was legit Toll House and Pillsbury and ummm…you know what those are like. Chalk full of artificial flavors, preservatives, palm oils, and overly process ingredients like bleached flour and refined sugar - yuck. All I wanted was an easy chocolate chip cookie, was that too much to ask for?!


That said, I did not want to just make any cookie and throw better ingredients – I wanted to make the best. Blame it on my type A personality or my perfectionism, but I couldn’t simply settle for good, I had to make it great. So I started with the classic, Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I knew I needed Brown Butter (if you know, you know) since I loved the deep caramelized, nuttiness it provides and I continued to layer in flavor with fair trade ooey, gooey chocolate chunks, higher brown cane sugar to cane sugar ratio than a typical cookie recipe, and of course…flakey sea salt, because no chocolate chunk cookie is complete without it.


Now to touch on just how convenient our dough is:

  • Our cookie dough is frozen, which serves two purposes. It allows us to be preservative free and it gives us a shelf life of 8 months…that’s if it lasts in your freezer that long.  
  • Our dough bakes in just 14 minutes, making it ohh so convenient to have always stocked in your freezer. I have one most every night and I will never get sick of them.
  • Our resealable dough pouch means it is ready when you are. Whether it be cookie dough for one or you are baking them up for a get together with friends and family, we ALL know fresh baked cookies are the best.
  • We made them 2 times bigger than most ready to bake cookie doughs, making it the perfect single serve treat.


Now I can blog and blog and blog about how amazing I think our cookies are, but I made them to my liking, so clearly I love them lol. Luckily you don’t have to just take my word for it - we have served up over 50,000 cookies in just 6 months, have 50+ 5 star ratings, are in 20 retail locations, received a 9.2/10 from the cookie connoisseurs at Barstool Chicago, and partnered with Alinea (a three Michelin Star restaurant). So what are you waiting for – try out our BAKR Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough today and join the bakr cookie life. Be sure to tag us on our socials, we love to see your cookies!


As always – Happy Baking!