My Story:

Hey - I'm Alexa the founder of BAKR and I love to bake! Anything sweet really, but there is one dessert that stands above the rest.... cookies! Who can resist that ooey, gooey, crispy, chewy piece of baking perfection? Plus, the creativity that comes with creating new things in the kitchen is my passion. When I realized many store bought cookie dough brands don't use real butter, high quality ingredients, and generally are just boring, I knew the world deserved better and BAKR was born. After countless hours recipe testing and hundreds of cookies tasted (tough job, I know), I crafted my dream cookies with the sole purpose of bringing the best to you! Ingredients matter and the food we eat should taste great and make you feel happy, which is exactly what we want our cookie to do.


Enjoy Every Moment:

I believe a cookie can change the world. For me, a cookie has always brought a moment of pure joy and if I can share that with others, the world can be a better place. Growing up, some of my favorite memories center around baking desserts with loved ones. The idea of freshly baked cookies is more than just a sweet treat to me, they are little bites of happiness that make any moment brighter. Need some you time? Treat yourself to a moment of sheer bliss with a freshly baked cookie or two…or three… or you get the point. Someone got promoted? Is celebrating another lap around the sun? Had a bad day? Or just need a little something sweet? There is no moment too big or small that isn’t worth celebrating. At BAKR, we believe there is no better way to spread happiness than baking a batch of delicious cookies to savor those sweet moments.


Better Cookies for a Better Tomorrow:

Lofty goal, but truthfully, it is at the core of why I created BAKR. Not only do better ingredients mean a better life for all, but ensuring fair trade means it is a better life for everyone that directly contributes to the quality of our bakery style dough. A portion of all of our proceeds are donated to help food insecurity because cookies are a want and we cannot have people without basic needs <3