Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Croissant (Crookie)

You have probably seen it by now…the viral Chocolate Chip Cookie Croissant, which has been dominating my news feed for the past month. The moment I first saw this recipe pop up, I knew it was something I had to try and why not use BAKR Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough? It felt like it was a match made in heaven, but I was still a bit skeptical about how it would turn out. Would it be worth all the hype it was getting online? I’ve seen so many viral recipes that have BLOWN up, only to try them and it fall short of the mile high expectations the internet puts on things these days. But, interest got the best of me and I went to my nearest local bakery to snag a few croissants for the creation.


Now, these weren’t just any run of the mill pastry. I popped off the blue line coming home from my day job and went straight to Mindy’s Bakery in Bucktown, Chicago – close to where we live and was greeted with the largest, most flakey looking croissants I have ever laid eyes on. They were enormous…and had a ton of loft to them, so I knew straight away, these were going to be great just based on the quality of the croissant alone. I did what any normal person would do and got 4 of them because, you know, treat yourself. I immediately unpacked them and had to do a little taste testing.


RULE ONE OF TRYING A NEW FOOD - you must make your first bite you ever put into your mouth a straight up, unadulterated bite. Untouched by other condiments. The purest state of food one can get and that is exactly what I did. All I can say is, wow…if you haven’t already, you should stop by Mindy’s and snag a croissant. My husband and I frequent this shop for their bagels, sweet specialty bakery items, and so many other delicious treats on their menu, but this was our first time getting the croissants and they were MWAH! Chefs kiss. Buttery, light and airy, with the perfect crisp on the outside and endless precious layers of buttery, flakey goodness. We proceeded to eat the entire thing in a state of pure bliss and then immediately smashed another one with extra butter and jelly. Delicious.


We made some dinner afterwards and got ready for the main event. The Chocolate Chip Cookie pastry or Crookie as we came to find it being dawned online. We got all the camera gear set up for the shoot and got to work. After getting a few good clips of the cookies, we were finally able to dig into the fruits of our labor and to say it exceeded expectations is an understatement. Skeptical at first, we were pleasantly surprised with how good this was. It is one of those recipes where you just need to trust the process and know it’s going to turn out perfect. The croissant held up surprisingly well, even after baking for another 12 minutes and the cookie was perfectly gooey on the inside, which is my preferred level of doneness. If you need anymore convincing...check out how good this thing turns out. Go ahead...impress your friends or family with this tasty treat next them they are around.


What you’ll need:

  • BAKR Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough  – we used around 6 ounces total of dough per croissant, but it does depend on how big your croissants are! We removed our dough from the freezer for easier pliability.
  • A croissant – this one seems self explanatory, but you simply are not making this recipe without it lol
  • An oven or place to bake them – I’m sure it would turn out equally as great in an air fryer or toaster over, but the recipe below will be oven temps.



  • Cut croissant in half and remove the top.
  • Layer cookie dough on the bottom half and place the top of the croissant back.
  • Put how ever much BAKR Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk cookie dough your heart desires on top of the croissant and place in the oven
  • Bake for 12 minutes (the croissant surprisingly holds up well, so you can go longer if you like your cookies a bit more done!)
  • Let cool and dust with powdered sugar.



As always, we love to see you baking with BAKR or even just enjoying our cookies! This shouldn’t be the first way you try to use our dough, but we eat cookies every day, so we always are spicing it up. Be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you whip these up @bakrcookie. You all are the best and we are forever grateful for each one of you!


Happy Baking