The Best Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet

Cookie skillet, Pizookie, Cookie Pie, Cookie Cake – whatever you call it, is there anything better than a cookie in a skillet? When I think of my rankings of the BEST desserts, this absolutely is taking home my number 1 ranking. But you don’t often make them at home or see them served up at your parties and gatherings…if you are reading this – this is your sign that you need to make one STAT. Like now, go and do it immediately.


What you’ll need:

  • BAKR Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough – you technically can use other dough, but we promise, it won’t turn out nearly as delicious. You want to be known as the person that brings in crappy cookie skillets? We didn’t think so
    • We used a 12 inch cast iron and needed about 10 or so dough balls or 25 ounces of dough
  • A cast iron or deep dish pan – we prefer our cookie skillets to be circular, because it’s so cute that way, but we don’t discriminate in squares, rectangles, hearts (so cute…valentines/galentines day inspo), and all shapes, so get creative!
  • An oven or place to bake them – Uhh…yea, this one seems self-explanatory, but we’ve gotten weird inquiries since starting our dough brands. No, do not cook this in the microwave 😊



  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees – don’t forget this step or your cookie is going to be ready and you’re going to have to wait even longer…the worst!!
    • Pro Tip: If you don’t have ice cream, grab it now. A cookie skillet isn’t complete without it.
  • Set your BAKR Brown Butter Chocolate chunk cookie dough aside to thaw. If you are using fresh dough, you can clearly skip this step. We do recommend chilling your dough for the best results, but this is going to be essentially one giant cookie, so it’ll be great either way.
  • Press 25 ounces of dough covering all the edges of your 12 inch cast iron pan, making sure to leave yourself with a nice, flat surface of baking perfection. If you are using a different size pan here, make sure you have at least a half inch of coverage at the bottom of the pan.
  • Place the pan into the oven and let bake for 20 minutes. If there is still moisture in the middle, you need more time, but if you see the edges browning up nicely and the middle cooked through, it is probably time to take that bad boy out.
  • Let your cookie cool for 10 minutes, if serving immediately, scoop ice cream on top and enjoy.
  • If you are making a frosted cookie cake, let cool completely – popping this into the fridge or freezer on top of a hot pad will drastically reduce this time.
    • Pipe your favorite frosting on there and enjoy
  • Last step – put your phone down…remember to savor the moment you are celebrating; cherish the creation you made and give your loved ones a hug…these moments are precious and you need to sip in every last bit of it. You are loved and you are making memories.



We love to see your creations, we love to hear your stories, we love to hear from you all! Tag us in your sweet moment of cookie love and know we watch every moment you share with us and celebrate in your joy.


Love you all and thank you for the support as always <3


Happy Baking