Introducing BAKR Double Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough

The Easiest Fudgiest Brownie of All Time.

You ever find yourself after dinner googling how to make a brownie from scratch? Or how to make a quick, easy fudge brownie at home? Yea, me too. And if you are looking for convenience in a brownie, what you are sadly left with is often a coffee mug brownie recipe that Karen wrote up a blog for in 2002. Back then, TV dinners were still a thing, so anything better than that blob of chocolatey molten lava would have been better, but let’s be honest…a mug cake is NOT good. And nowhere NEAR what I am looking for in a brownie.

A brownie needs texture – you are not getting that from a microwave, I am sorry to break it to you. If you want brownies, your options out there today are:

  • Have already purchased a box mix from the store along with all the ingredients, spend 20 minutes mixing up the batter, only to have to site through an excruciating 40 minutes in the oven. By the time you let them cool…you are looking at an hour and a half…easy. TBH, these are actually pretty good, but no, I need my dessert almost immediately after I eat dinner.
  • Buy the shelf stable stuff week in and week out, but continually be left disappointed because nothing beats a brownie right out of the oven. These are often dried out and never really do the job of what you can get from homemade.
  • An expensive option that you have to think ahead on, but pop by your local bakery and pick up their daily batch of what I’m sure is a good brownie. I’ll be honest, this is something I often do – I feel like you can really tell a good bakery from the rest by their cookies and brownie quality. Those are the staples and if you can’t nail this, chances are your “Chocolate Chip Cookie Croissant” or whatever viral trend is happening at the moment isn’t going to be too great either.
  • Make Brookie (a Brownie cookie) from scratch and have them stored in your freezer – a tough dough to nail frozen, I’ll be honest.

Well…the brownie gods and goddesses are smiling from the heavens and BAKR has taken care of that last option for you. You may see other bakeries coming out with a standard double chocolate chunk cookie and selling it as a brownie cookie. Let me be the first to tell you…that is not a brownie – it may be a cookie that has the same ingredients AS a brownie, but it nothing like the real deal…seriously lacking the texture and flavor of a brownie. BAKR was not founded to pump out your run of the mill cookie dough you can get elsewhere and at our core, we simply don’t believe in fitting into the narrative of good enough. I was not stopping at anything short of the perfect marriage of a brownie and a cookie. Getting this one perfect was tricky, but I love it so much.

So finally, we have it…an easy brownie fix, BAKR’s Double Fudge Brownie Cookie, ready in just 14 minutes and baked directly from frozen. This cookie is like having the best local bakeries brownie fresh out of the oven or packing your favorite brownie mix directly into a cookie. If you’ve gotten to this point in the blog and are still wondering if you should order, we’re just going to leave this here and let you decide. Or you can try all of our dough - they all hold a special place in my heart, so you really can’t go wrong. Flavor is my number one goal whenever I am baking, so the brownie cookies legit taste like a brownie. Cinnamon Roll isn’t just a Snickerdoodle, S’mores and Gooey Butter Cake are so uniquely their own and are spot on with the desserts in their own rights, and then you have classic chocolate chip, so it is a party that we can deliver directly to your door.

If you do try any of our dough, be sure to tag us on Instagram or share a review on our site! We are always looking out for your pictures and love seeing the cookies out in the wild, being shared with the world and hopefully putting smiles on faces. 

Happy Baking!


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