The Viral Pumpkin Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie

By now, if you are a baker, you’ve seen the video. It is a recipe that has racked up 100’s of millions of views across multiple baking channels all in the name of Halloween and spooky season. All of these videos show you how to make them – that’s great, we love that. BUT, we are answering the hard hitting questions of if you SHOULD make it. Now that is a different story and exactly what we set out to answer. Does the world need the chocolate chip pumpkin cookie everyone is taking about?


If you aren’t one for reading, then see my review of it here:



If you’d rather read my full review, then continue on below. If you want the TLDR, the short answer is, they are cute, but I think they are more cute then they are a good flavor combination – there are so many cute delicious dessert recipes you can find on one, we suggest you keep your cookies separate.


I love cookies, so much so, I created a whole company to make the best cookies. I think it is safe to say I am in the 1% of all cookies eaten by an individual in the entire world, seriously – that is how much I love them. Now, my favorite cookie is the chocolate chip. A classic, truly an icon in the baking world. Given a piece of perfection like you’ll find in the Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk, you really don’t want to mess with that. You know as the classic sayings go – “Don’t mess with a good thing.” A saying extremely relevant for our test here.


That said, we needed to try this. Although our cookies are focused on clean ingredients and the classic sugar cookie that comes out around every holidays always brings me back to my childhood and I can’t resist them. It’s a piece of American history and I would say everyone has tried them at least once. They are sweet, crispy, little tiny bits of nostalgia that have made their way into households everywhere. Seemingly a staple when it comes to holiday baking.


So, should they be combined? Should you make this for your holiday party? Will this be the recipe that wows people at your work pot luck? All signs point to no. In our opinion, the sugar cookie and the chocolate chip cookie are best served separate. Not only do the flavors clash, but chocolate is put into cookies to provide a stark textural and flavor element that doesn’t work with a sugar cookie. The end product is overly sweet and the chocolate almost left us confused when we tasted each of the elements of the cookie creation.


If you are hell bent on making these, the recipe is linked below. I’m sure your guests wouldn’t mind them – after all, with the way cookies are going and the race to create the most obnoxious, big, crazy creations you can, you might look trendy. We even have to admit, the cookie looks cute and festive, but our final thoughts on the matter is to have them live in their own bubbles in the cookie world. But, we are cookie purists and we won’t yuck your yum. Try them out for yourself and send us pictures of your creations! We love to hear from you and want everyone to experiment in the kitchen – after all, that is how the best recipes are made 😊 Try, try again my cookie friends. The bounds are limitless when it comes to making something that gives you joy and that is what baking is all about


Happy Baking