Introducing BAKR Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough

Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies are…BACK

Back like it never left…but we sold out of dough 4 times over the past year and couldn’t stock the site for the entire last month…Still – it’s back and better than ever? Well, technically it’s still the same exact cookie recipe you all know and love, with the same flakey sea salt, the same brown butter, the same ingredients, and the same chocolate chunks. OKAY, THEN WHAT IS CHANGING?!

It has gotten a glow up for the ages. New packaging, a new logo, and a new 1.5 ounce sizing. The effort that went into these changes were monumental. At the end of the day the changes were driven by feedback from retailers, mentors, friends, family, and ultimately YOU!  So at the same time that nothing changed with our cookie, everything changed with its packaging, all with a focus to make it more shelf ready for its upcoming debuts :) 

I’d compare it to your first crush at school. They were always cute, but you never really thought of them as “that” way. They were nice to you and were a reliable friend to talk with around the lunch table, but that was really it. THEN, they leave for summer and miraculously come back looking like Justin Bieber from the early 2000’s and you just can’t look away. Feeling things you’ve never felt before…all about a…cookie dough package? Yea, we got a little carried away there, but we LOVE our new look and can’t wait for you all to see it out in the wild.

And you are telling me I am getting all of this at a better value? Yep, you heard that right – our price to you is getting better. It may be less dough that our traditional pack (12 ounces vs our original 25 ounce bag), but you are getting MORE OF IT and more cookies is a good thing for you and a good thing for us. How are we doing this as a startup one year into business? We’re working incredibly hard over here, day in and day out, with intentional focus on what will make our cookies better. That is the goal always and is something you can expect to continue – you can take that to the BANK!

There is a LOT going on in the world of BAKR, with plenty of more updates and flavors to come, but we just wanted to pop in to pay some respects to the new branding and packaging and send our OG bag off to a happy retirement. We get a ton of questions about our cookies, our brand, our founder story, and so much more – if you ever have any comments questions or concerns, hit our line on the contact page! We love to hear from you and genuinely read and respond to your feedback.

Thank you for supporting our cookie dough over the past year. Thank you for sharing our story, our love for cookies, and our passion for baking. Thank you for asking for more flavors. And lastly, thank you for being a part of BAKR.

Happy Baking Always!


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